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All Things Obsoleted by the Internet

Just a list of things obsoleted by the Internet. Pretty amazing if you think about it.

  1. Time, i.e. the number you would call to hear a recording say “At the tone, the time is…”
  2. Phone books (e.g. Yellow Pages)
  3. The Dewey decimal system
  4. Video rental stores (e.g. Blockbuster)
  5. Encyclopedias and dictionaries
  6. Fax machines
  7. Letters/snail mail (!)

Soon to be obsoleted?

  1. Cable television
  2. The Electoral College?
  3. Traditional banking
  4. Cash?
  5. Most retail outlets?
  6. 9-5 office jobs?
  7. Salaried employees?
  8. Traditional schooling?
  9. Libraries? (Although I hope not, unless replaced digitally of course)

What else?

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