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Choosing Your Audience

A great method from Tim Ferriss in his podcast “How to Build a Large Audience from Scratch“:

“There’s always a market for high quality, and there’s always always a market for long form”

“If you offer the best of anything you can charge a premium, and your customers will tend to be high-margin, low-headache customers.”

“Read the article 1,000 true fans by Kevin Kelly… You don’t want to build the largest audience possible.”

“Identify things you are price insensitive about.”

“Identify the subcultures you belong to. Are you are cross-fitter, are you involved with orienteering, are you into role-playing games, World of Warcraft,… whatever is it identify 3-5 subcultures that you belong to that you know very well. Then, for each of those subcultures, you’re going to identify the five sites that those people go to regularly, … the 3-5 Twitter accounts they’re most likely to follow, the 3-5 Instagram accounts they’re most likely to follow, the 3-5 Facebook pages they’re most likely to like or be a fan of, the 3-5 podcasts they’re most likely to listen to…”

“What you’re doing is defining yourself – your psychographics, your demographics… My first recommendation is always going to be: go after markets that you belong to.”

“The target is not the potential market. The target market is not the total market. The target market is the tip of the spear.”

“Your not trying to build the largest audience possible, you’re trying to find your 1,000 true finds, who belong to sub-cultures and markets that you belong to, so you can then design a product or service that they will be price-insensitive to, and in doing that finding a handful of outlets or pages or accounts that you can target, so you can very cost-effectively appear ubiquitous in a surround-sound way when you launch something important to you.”

Give the podcast a listen if you have not already!

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