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The Business Mentor Spectrum

On one end are the people I admire most: visionary creators with values that choose to share their philosophy, approach, and life lessons with the world. Think: Elon Musk, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet Down the line are visionaries that don’t actually create much, like James Altuchter and Tim Ferriss, both who I admire greatly,… Continue reading The Business Mentor Spectrum

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Experimental Society 1

In Experimental Society 1, resources are distributed to every person in such a way that everyone can live comfortably, with adequate shelter, enough food, entertainment, etc. so that no one is left wanting. People choose projects they want to work on, and there are no boundaries to what they do. Resources for projects are allocated… Continue reading Experimental Society 1

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I’m Not Particularly Busy

I work for an up-and-coming pharmaceutical manufacturing company, let’s call it Xomex. That sounds like it could be the name of a tech company, I don’t know if it is. Anyway, this sentiment has become almost mantra at “Xomex” for awhile now: “I know we’re all really busy…” Managers say it in meetings and everyone… Continue reading I’m Not Particularly Busy