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More Randomness: And Computer Science

I recently came across this article on a breakthrough in the generation of random numbers via computers which seems very exciting with descriptors such as “masterpiece” and “light years ahead.” Revision 2 of the draft paper is uploaded here: Explicitly Two-Source Extractors and Resilient Functions, although I freely admit it is far too technical for my… Continue reading More Randomness: And Computer Science

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How to Lose a Million Dollars

This post is about Jim Paul’s book “What I Learned Losing a Million Dollars,” which I believe is one of the books in the Tim Ferriss book club. I found the first half of the book pretty unpleasant, reading about the egotistical protagonist. The second half is worthwhile, but I think only if you’re actively trading/investing… Continue reading How to Lose a Million Dollars

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Earn Money Anywhere!

Here’s is a list of ways to earn money regardless or where you are (i.e. location independent): Teach! English as a second language, for example. Provide translation services. Before the machines take over this job! Software development. Everyone needs a good software engineer right now. Prepare meals. Everyone’s gotta eat, and some people will pay… Continue reading Earn Money Anywhere!

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But How Do They Make Money?

The new class of Internet-age companies deal in one thing: data. But how do they turn these huge volumes of data into profitability? So far, it’s been a struggle for even the biggest players. See Yelp, around since 2014 with 132 million unique monthly visitors is still having trouble becoming profitable as of May 2014. One of… Continue reading But How Do They Make Money?


Cryptocurrencies – Risk vs. Reward

A new part of the global economy is emerging, and there’s no doubt it’s making waves. Cryptocurrencies, also called “altcoins,” and “digital” or “virtual” currency, have been in popular media recently with the meteoric rise of Bitcoin, and fantastic collapse of one of it’s biggest exchanges: Tokyo-based Mt. Gox, which resulting in the loss of… Continue reading Cryptocurrencies – Risk vs. Reward


From IPO to $400/share in Less Than 18 Months – Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Intercept Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ICPT) is a small drug development company based in San Diego, CA. The company’s IPO was in October 2012 at close to $20/share, and the company enjoyed steady share price increase for 14 months. On January 8th of this year (2014) the per share price was a healthy $72. Then the company announced… Continue reading From IPO to $400/share in Less Than 18 Months – Intercept Pharmaceuticals