Book Reports

BOLD – Peter Diamandis is Optimistic

The post covers Peter Diamandis and Steven Kolter’s optimistic work: “Bold, How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World.” Some things that caught my eye: p. 74: “…in dozens and dozens of studies, Latham and Locke found that setting goals increased performance and productivity 11 to 25 percent.” p. 77: “…as most experiments… Continue reading BOLD – Peter Diamandis is Optimistic

Podcast Reports

Blockchains – Not Just for Bitcoin Anymore

This post is my notes on the A16z podcast covering blockchains and bitcoin which can be found here. I found it a very worthwhile listen. The interviewee is Adam Lundwin, cofounder of Chain, who argues that blockchain technology will be applied to more than just Bitcoin, and will become an integral part of financial markets… Continue reading Blockchains – Not Just for Bitcoin Anymore

Home Life · Knowledge · Productivity

Reduce Stress: Photo Declutter Project

This post covers a project that’s been on my mind for awhile: dealing with my photo clutter, and is inspired by the Note to Self podcast you can get here. The general approach recommended by Note to Self is two-prong: Use Dropbox for backup Use Google Photos for organization and viewing The first issue I… Continue reading Reduce Stress: Photo Declutter Project

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Someone Build This: Brand Marketplace

Someone build this: a marketplace where people build their brands. Think Experts-Exchange meets eLance/oDesk Professionals build networks, blog, offer free goods and services, and premium products/services, get reviews, give recommendations. Bring in lots of small-scale projects. Focus on crowd-sourcing and use of big data. Introduce profit sharing into the community. I.e. everyone shares in the… Continue reading Someone Build This: Brand Marketplace