From IPO to $400/share in Less Than 18 Months – Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Intercept Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ICPT) is a small drug development company based in San Diego, CA. The company’s IPO was in October 2012 at close to $20/share, and the company enjoyed steady share price increase for 14 months. On January 8th of this year (2014) the per share price was a healthy $72. Then the company announced… Continue reading From IPO to $400/share in Less Than 18 Months – Intercept Pharmaceuticals

Book Reports · Probability and Statistics

The Drunkard’s Walk

The Drunkard’s Walk, How Randomness Rules Our Lives, by Leonard Mlodinow Although not presented as such, this book turns out to be a layman’s reading of the history of probability and statistics. It includes high-level historical accounts, often centered on personalities, and conspicuously avoids a single mathematical equation, to the detriment of clarity in some… Continue reading The Drunkard’s Walk

Professional Development

The City that Business Built

I’ve often thought what a city built around a single business with a single set of core values might look like, and how that society would function differently from the organically-grown societies of today’s world. I recently saw this idea conceptualized by Alfred Twu here, although I would expand to add some agriculture, power generation, waste treatment,… Continue reading The City that Business Built