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What You Get in a Smart Phone

Peter Diamandis, in his amazing book “Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think” and then again in “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth, and Impact the World” has a fun snippet looking at the cost of common smart phone technologies (applications) when they were first brought to large-scale market. On his list he has:

  1. Video Conferencing cost ~$250K in 1982 with Compression Labs VC
  2. GPS cost ~$119K in 1982 with TI Navstar
  3. Digital voice recorder cost ~$2,500 in 1978 with Sony’s PCM
  4. A digital watch cost ~$1,250 in 1969 with Seiko’s 35SQ Astron
  5. A 5 Mega pixel camera cost ~$3K in 1986 with Canon’s RC-701
  6. A medical library cost ~$2K with CONSULTANT in 1987
  7. A video player cost ~$1K with the Toshiba V-8000 in 1981
  8. A video camera cost ~$1K with the RCA CC010 in 1981
  9. Music player cost ~$1K with the Sony CDP-101 CD player in 1982
  10. An encyclopedia cost ~$750 with Compton’s CD Encyclopedia in 1989
  11. A video game console cost $199 with the Atari 2600 in 1977

In inflation adjusted dollars this comes close to $1,000,000 in cost. Now with a $600 smart phone, we get:

  1. Video conferencing included with Apple’s FaceTime or 3rd party applications like Skype
  2. GPS standard
  3. Digital voice recording standard
  4. Digital watch and calendar standard
  5. A much-better-than 5 mega pixel camera with included editing software and digital publishing capabilities standard
  6. Access to the most recently published medical papers as well as tons of aggregating websites (such as WebMD) standard
  7. Video player standard, with access to television shows, movies, and live sports
  8. Video camera with included editing and digital publishing standard
  9. Music player and storage standard
  10. Access to Wikipedia, which has 4.8 million articles as of this writing (June 2015), which would fill more than 2100 volumes if printed traditionally
  11. Access to tens of thousands of free games in the Apple App Store, alone, with countless more for free on the Internet

What other technologies do smart phones include? What additional technologies will fit in our pocket in the near future?

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