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JavaScript’s Async/Await

Introduced in JavaScript standard ES8, async/await offers a new way to handle asynchronous function calls and depreciates callbacks, leading to more readable code. The below example demonstrates how async/await may be used with the ES6 Promise and Promise.all. Let’s say you have three actions you want to perform Of course you won’t actually know when… Continue reading JavaScript’s Async/Await


Initialize List Values on Edit in SharePoint Online

SharePoint 365/Online includes out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality for setting list defaults, and even let’s you use Excel-like formulas to add some customability. But of course there’s limitations, and in those cases, we can turn to custom JavaScript code. I recently got a request to set a list column value to the initials of the current user,… Continue reading Initialize List Values on Edit in SharePoint Online