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Being Abroad During a Worldwide Pandemic

I arrived on Feb. 26, 2020 in Hanoi for a consulting project. Of course we already knew about the novel coronavirus by then, but this was before it was officially named covid-19. There was less than 20 reported cases in the United States before I left, and I don’t think it even registered as a… Continue reading Being Abroad During a Worldwide Pandemic

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Finding Cancer to Fight Cancer

This blog post is about Jorge Soto’s TED talk, which can be found here. NPR did a podcast version, available here. Jorge Soto was educated at Singularity University according to his LinkedIn page, and is co-founder and CTO of Miroculus, a technology company focused on disease detection. Their technology is based on “micro-RNA,” which according to… Continue reading Finding Cancer to Fight Cancer

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How to Be Healthy, with All-Day Sustained Energy

Sleep: Get enough good-quality sleep. Lotsa apps out there purported to track sleep quality. The one I’m trying now is Sleep Cycle by Northcube. Food: probably only second to sleep in terms of importance. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates (white bread) and sugar (candy, soda, but also orange juice and that “healthy” smoothie with 60… Continue reading How to Be Healthy, with All-Day Sustained Energy