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Experimental Society 1

In Experimental Society 1, resources are distributed to every person in such a way that everyone can live comfortably, with adequate shelter, enough food, entertainment, etc. so that no one is left wanting. People choose projects they want to work on, and there are no boundaries to what they do. Resources for projects are allocated generously and without pretense. The only limits are that no one hurts anyone else, by violence or stealing or verbal abuse, but those values are not based on any religion but a basic premise that the values are critical for Experimental Society 1 to work.

For projects that succeed, the project team is rewarded with additional wealth, but not inordinately, and remaining profits are distributed evenly so that the entire society benefits. The purpose of this is to allow people to explore projects that might not be immediately profitable, have a high risk for failure, have no precedent, and/or are purely academic in nature. Key is the projects are not vetted by any one person or any group, but can be carried out on a whim, as long as the project plan, procedure, and end goal is well-defined. People may join projects they think will succeed, helping push them along as well.

In Experimental Society 1, there is no law and punishment, except that everyone is expected to live to the intent of the societies values. Failure to do so repeatedly would mean banishment from Experimental Society 1. Key is well defined values and a ton of freedom to work within those wide boundaries.

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