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Body Language – The Shocking Truth

This is a blog post about Allan and Barbara Pease’s Book “The Definitive Book of Body Language.” I’ve read it once, and this is what stuck out to me at the time. This is not a comprehensive professional review or summary and should not be used as cliff notes.

p. 116 the Lips-Pursed expression (think Renee Zelwegger) is made famous by Henry VIII and is supposed to communicate high-status

p. 134 if you telegraph your move to your opponent in chess and he sits back with the Steeple gesture, he’s just told you he feels confident about your move so you shouldn’t make it.

p. 181 the social gaze: gaze at a person’s eyes and mouth to make them feel comfortable and engaged

p. 183 the power gaze: gaze between the eyes and the third eye to intimidate

p. 187 eye movements: up and to the left is recalling a picture, directly to the left is recalling a sound, down and to the right is recalling a feeling, down and to the left is mentally talking to themself

p. 250 yawing is “mirroring” and creates rapport with others

p. 262 in presentation have the entire team mirror the posture and gestures of the speaker to give appearance of a cohesive team

p. 278 use a slim briefcase to portray status

p. 353 7 simple strategies for getting the extra edge

1. Stand Up for Meetings
2. Sit Competitors with their backs to the door
3. Keep your fingers together
4. Keep your elbows out
5. Use power words (discovery, guarantee, love, proven, results, save, easy, health, money, new, safety, you)
6. Carry a slim briefcase
7. Watch their coat buttons

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