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Earn Money Anywhere!

Here’s is a list of ways to earn money regardless or where you are (i.e. location independent):

  1. Teach! English as a second language, for example.
  2. Provide translation services. Before the machines take over this job!
  3. Software development. Everyone needs a good software engineer right now.
  4. Prepare meals. Everyone’s gotta eat, and some people will pay good money for specialized/niche meals
  5. Editing. Copy-writing. That kind of thing.
  6. Technical writing. Say if you were a scientist or engineer, you could probably still help someone out with technical writing.
  7. Start a Fiverr business. Somehow people do make good money selling their time in $5 increments.
  8. Sell ebooks, manuals, software, etc. on Fiverr!
  9. Day Trade. But read this first.
  10. Design and sell t-shirts. But be creative – there are a ton in this space already
  11. Write and self-publish books.
  12. Become a virtual assistant. See, e.g. Zirtual
  13. Become a IRL assistant. See, e.g. TaskRabbit
  14. Drive for Uber or Lyft
  15. Design something and have it 3-D printed on Shapeways

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