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Date Without Booze

How to date without booze?? I know it’s painful but sometimes you want to avoid alcohol, for health reasons or something. Here’s a list of things that might be fun (?!):

  1. Go to a Farmer’s Market, buy groceries, and cook a meal together
  2. Netflix marathon. Be sure to get up an stretch at least once an hour
  3. Exchange massages
  4. Learn something together (e.g. espanol)
  5. Go to the movies. Drive-in preferred. Cuddle up and make-out like you’re twelve if the movie sucks
  6. Go to a coffee shop and play board games. Don’t be overly competitive, but don’t let her win. Definitely don’t cry if you lose though
  7. Play Twister naked
  8. Have a BBQ and drink lemonade or some other delicious refreshing creative non-alcoholic beverage
  9. View open houses, pretending you’re in the market. If you’re relatively young go to expensive ones. Caution: the older you get this can be depressing.
  10. Take a day trip to some small town nearby and shop the antique stores. Sounds really painful to me.
  11. Explore your town on foot. Find a new hole-in-the-wall (without Yelp). Could be risky – hope you have a good sense of humor.
  12. Read to each other
  13. Build a terrarium
  14. Garden
  15. Volunteer
  16. Amusement park?! Isn’t that shit for kids??
  17. Carnivals can still be fun (as you age), but with all the horrible food you might as well be boozin’ and battle a alcohol hangover vs. a fried-oreo hangover.

What else??

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