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The Presentation Guru: Nancy Duarte

Nancy Duarte is the CEO of Duarte Design, a design firm specializing in next-level presentations. She was recently on the Art of Charm podcast where she caught my attention. I’ve been looking for a way to better structure my sales presentations, and to make them more compelling. Her ideas are summed up nicely in her TED talk.… Continue reading The Presentation Guru: Nancy Duarte

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Neural Nets and the Meaning of Life

Is the Internet destined to become self-aware? Is the singularity approaching? Will Skynet enslave us all? One thing is certain, as these networks become more complex, with more nodes and more data then ever thought possible, they start to look and behave like neural nets, the models that have historically been closest to modeling our… Continue reading Neural Nets and the Meaning of Life

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Don’t Heed the Fear-Mongers

It seems inevitable that part of every generation’s zeitgeist is the belief that the generation before had it easier and the world is going to hell in a hand basket. This generation is no different, and with the propagation of digital technology making it easier for fear mongering to resonate in the echo chamber of… Continue reading Don’t Heed the Fear-Mongers

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Where the Value of Pi Exists in Nature

The above formula is known as the “Wallis product,” named after John Wallis, a English mathematician who first recorded it in 1655. Wallis was apparently quite prolific and, among other contributions, is known as the mathematician that introduced the symbol for infinity: The interest of this blog post, however is the Wallis product. The Wallis product… Continue reading Where the Value of Pi Exists in Nature


Impress Your Boss! Autogenerate a Word Doc with Metadata in SharePoint Online

This post covers how to set up functionality to automatically add an MS Word document created from a template to a library by specifying metadata in an HTML form using Javascript in a Content Editor web part. It is based on the posts found here and here, and clarifies some steps and adds the HTML form… Continue reading Impress Your Boss! Autogenerate a Word Doc with Metadata in SharePoint Online