Create an iOS Native App without a Mac

Apple controls development for its iOS platform much more stringently than Google or Microsoft do for theirs. To publish to the Apple app store, you have to be a vetted apple developer and develop on an App OS. There is currently no way to develop, compile, and submit for publication an iOS app on a Windows machine.

But I want to create an iOS app and I don’t want to purchase a separate Mac computer, so how do I do it?

Here’s the approach I will take:

  1. Get Apple developer account from apple. There’s a vetting process and an associated cost (US$100 I think)
  2. Build app with PhoneGap (or Ionic). Should be free and can run in a Windows environment. This is where most of the work will happen.
  3. Test and submit with Can be as cheap as US$1 per hour and it shouldn’t take a lot of time do the last steps that need to be performed on a Mac.
  4. Test with TestFlight. TestFlight is apples beta program that allows you to invite users (including yourself) to test apps before they’re pushed to the wider market.

Check back to see how it went!

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