Professional Development

Modern Photo Editing for Websites

One of the more challenging aspects of developing web development skills for me has been how to process, host, and serve images. Naturally images cost more bandwidth than text to serve, so size considerations are paramount. On the flip side you don’t want to lose the beauty of an elegant image.

Two tools I’ve recently discovered have helped tremendously. The first is TinyPNG, a free browser-based compression tool for all kinds of image files, not just PNG. I’ve found this tool indispensable for removing unnecessary data from images for my site. Typically size reductions are on the order of 60-70% without any discernible loss of quality.

The second tool I recently discovered is another free browser-based offering that is simply amazing: Photopea. While I haven’t dug deep into the features yet, it has filled a hole not having an expensive Photoshop license left me.

What tools do you use for processing images for your sites?

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