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Reduce Stress: Photo Declutter Project

Photo Clutter

This post covers a project that’s been on my mind for awhile: dealing with my photo clutter, and is inspired by the Note to Self podcast you can get here.

The general approach recommended by Note to Self is two-prong:

  1. Use Dropbox for backup
  2. Use Google Photos for organization and viewing

The first issue I have is Dropbox is only offering me 2.5 GB of storage for free. I have at least 40 GB of photos to store, and will take a free solution if it’s out there.

I have an iPhone, which is my only camera at the moment, so using iCould instead of Dropbox is a logical choice. With the latest version of iOS pictures are uploaded automatically, so the only step I need to perform is moving everything to Google Photos.

Google Photos offers unlimited storage at a reduced file size:

Google Pictures Quality

Not ideal, but a place to start.

I moved all my photos to Google Photos by batches, a process which took about 4 days from start to finish. Google Photos does have some great features like automatically sorting by date, identifying people and places, and creating albums, movies, and panoramas. Of course it’s not perfect, but I’m very impressed by the ease of use.

Google Photos Assistant
Google Photos Assistant Feature
Google Photos Search Feature
Google Photos Search Feature

The last step will be to scan my physical photos and copy into iCould and Google Photos, but that will be another day, as I’m travelling for the next many months 🙂

What method do you use to keep your photos under control?

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