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How to Be Less Reactive

A list of ways to be less reactive! Why don’t you want to be reactive? Because if you’re reactive, you’re not in the driver’s seat. You’re letting life happen to you rather than taking action to get what you want. And for some reason human beings have the innate desire to influence their environment. We’re… Continue reading How to Be Less Reactive

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Earn Money Anywhere!

Here’s is a list of ways to earn money regardless or where you are (i.e. location independent): Teach! English as a second language, for example. Provide translation services. Before the machines take over this job! Software development. Everyone needs a good software engineer right now. Prepare meals. Everyone’s gotta eat, and some people will pay… Continue reading Earn Money Anywhere!


Building the Full Solution

Uber offers the complete solution, not just software that allows for automated dispatching. Tesla offers a full car, instead of just creating a battery system for other car makers to use. Netflix not only offers streaming content, but produces critically acclaimed shows . Buzzfeed initially provided content to other media outlets, but has since become… Continue reading Building the Full Solution

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How to Be Healthy, with All-Day Sustained Energy

Sleep: Get enough good-quality sleep. Lotsa apps out there purported to track sleep quality. The one I’m trying now is Sleep Cycle by Northcube. Food: probably only second to sleep in terms of importance. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates (white bread) and sugar (candy, soda, but also orange juice and that “healthy” smoothie with 60… Continue reading How to Be Healthy, with All-Day Sustained Energy