Listicles · Personal Development

Investigations and Research

Some things I’d like to explore:

  1. What is the composition of the human brain that differs from animals, i.e. what makes us special?
  2. What is the effect of regulations on energy use? Freakonomics did a great podcast on this recently.
  3. US prison populations versus other nations. We need to be ashamed of this.
  4. Effect of paleo/low carb/other fad diet on body composition
  5. Decision-making process for car-part recalls (a la Fight Club)
  6. Inefficiencies in processes at the DMV
  7. Inefficiencies in tax-revenue expenditures at the federal level
  8. Sources of political/super-pac money
  9. Brain chemistry of religious vs. non-religious people
  10. Typical life of truck drivers (since this is apparently the most common job in most US states)

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