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10 Software with a Service Ideas

This post is based on an idea I heard on the Tropical MBA podcast (see also this article in Tech Crunch) nicknamed “SwaS” which, as a derivative of “SaaS” stands for “Software with a Service.” The idea is provide a service-based business leveraging software to improve the service speed, quality, or both. Here are spme SwaS ideas:

  1. Use site builders like SquareSpace to generate customer-facing websites
  2. Use Shopify to set up webstores for Etsy users
  3. Create a software program that would allow numerous low-cost workers to go after high-value ticketed events (concerns, sporting events)
  4. Acquire tickets for high-end customers
  5. Use software to find real estate priced below market
  6. Use software to find used cars below market
  7. Find any person’s/department’s function and create software that can automate or semi-automate their workflows. Understand inputs (critical vs. superfluous) and simplify operational steps.

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