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Make This For Me!!

These are apps that I want. Please make them for me. You will be a millionaire I promise.

  1. An app that tells me where a particular service (gas station, grocery store, barber) is along my current route
  2. An app that can perform blood tests and measure things like cholesterol, BAC, etc.
  3. An app that connects me with dry cleaning/laundry services that have pick-up/drop-off
  4. An app for interior decorating, that allows me to easily superimpose solutions over real-time images of my home
  5. An app that recommends recipes based on specific diets like slow-carb, paleo, vegan, etc.
  6. An app that can measure the cannabinoid levels of trees using an image
  7. An app that helps me diagnose problems with my car (e.g. why doesn’t the side mirror control on my Audi A4 work any more? What will it cost to fix it?)
  8. An app that tells me where (in my current geographic region) I can find the best price for a particular bottle of wine or liquor
  9. An app that analyzes my drinking water for impurities (heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
  10. An app that wakes me up a sunrise, with light and soothing sounds, like birds chirping 🙂
  11. An app that will read a book to me, in a soothing voice (just like mama used to)
  12. An app that practices a foreign language with me. Yo quiero!
  13.  An app that purchases event tickets for me so I don’t have to be online right when the tickets go on sale. F U Ticketmaster!!
  14. An app that tracks the color of my teeth, before and after whitening, and recommends whitening gel strength and exposure time
  15. An app that superimposes different hairstyles on an image of my head, and recommends styles that work with my face shape, age, style, etc.
  16. An app that tracks my weekly entertainment spending, and warns me about going over budget
  17. An app that tracks my moms/friends/girls activity and tells me a good time to call them
  18. An app that tracks event dates and automatically sets reminders (e.g. Burning Man registration is…, get an RV by…, etc.)
  19. An app that coaches me while practicing the guitar, gives real-time feedback, and suggests exercises for improvement
  20. An app that will organize all apps on your device by color, make a pattern, etc.

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