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How to Be Less Reactive

A list of ways to be less reactive! Why don’t you want to be reactive? Because if you’re reactive, you’re not in the driver’s seat. You’re letting life happen to you rather than taking action to get what you want. And for some reason human beings have the innate desire to influence their environment. We’re just trying to make things better, right??

  1. Email. Do not check email first thing in the morning. Do not continuously check email and respond to messages as they come in. You should batch emails to a couple times a day. DO NOT get email notifications to your phone or mobile device. You will be a slave and look like an asshole.
  2. Plan your day, and prioritize your most important, impactful to-do for first thing in the morning (or whenever you’re most productive). Start it at a minimum, don’t worry about how far you get. Just one thing is enough for a successful day. The majority of the world’s population does nothing productive with most of their days (I suppose).
  3. Listen. It is critical that you understand what someone is saying before you respond. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Otherwise you’re just going to waste your time.
  4. Plan what you want to do with your time and then do it. Be cutthroat about eliminating distractions.
  5. Find like-minded people who support your ideas but give honest feedback.
  6. Be healthy, so you can be strong and think clearly.
  7. Be focused, so you can be resolute.
  8. Be confident, so you can act.
  9. Pause and think before acting.
  10. Eliminate activities that create a reactive/consumer mindset, like Facebook!

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