Infinite Realities

I’m pretty sure reality is infinite, in more ways than the human mind can comprehend; that we are swimming in a soup of realities, and our consciousness collapses just one, the one we know.

If there are infinite realities, why don’t we see all possibilities occurring? The answer is twofold:

  1. Take for example another infinite set: the set of prime numbers. Just because there are infinite prime numbers, not every number is a prime number. Similarly, just because there are infinite realities, not every possible reality is an actual reality.
  2. Our consciousness arises out of the reality we know, because it could not exist in another. Just like the distance from the earth to the sun is not intrinsically special, the fact that we exist only because of that distance makes it seem special, a problem Copernicus grappled with.

So if we are one reality amongst an infinite number, and we exist because of the nature of our reality, where does the nature of our reality come from? How did the laws that make a reality like ours possible arise? Well, the answer I’m afraid is: completely by random. In an infinite soup of realities, all possible realities will arise, and ours did, and it allowed us to become cognizant and question reality and invent things like god and computers and toasters.

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