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How to Meet a Beautiful Girl, Who is Fit, Sexy, Loving, and Interesting

Oh to be in love. But how to meet the one? Or the one for now…

  1. It’s a numbers game. The population of the world is a number the human mind cannot process. It’s been said a single human can maintain social relationships with maximum 200 people at a given time, so choose your 200 wisely!
  2. Figure out exactly what you want and be honest about it. Under no circumstances let a woman believe you want marriage/kids/little house with white picket fence if that’s not truly in your soul what you want. Wanting something different does not exclude you from finding somebody and falling in love. And with technology these days, it is much easier to find like-minded people. Don’t waste your time trying to shape someone into something they don’t want to be – you’ll only find frustration and heartache.
  3. Get out there an do it. Everyday. Talk to people – all people, add people to your network, make connections. Read James Altucher for tips/approach.
  4. Choose people, don’t let them choose you. In whatever social circle you’re typically in, find someone to connect with. At work, at the coffee shop you visit at every day, at the pub, at your gym, sports league, or whatever: find somebody to connect with, initiate the connection, and make it happen. Don’t wait for someone else to do it. Choose someone interesting to you and outside of your comfort zone (e.g. the hot bartender. Don’t hit on her, understand her, become her friend without any pretense, and see what happens).
  5. Eliminate negative people immediately. Don’t waste time with people that give you a hard time, don’t lift you up, make you feel bad about yourself. Again, there’s tons of people out there, you only get to choose around 200, so choose wisely and be particular.

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