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How to Be Healthy, with All-Day Sustained Energy

  1. Sleep:
    1. Get enough good-quality sleep. Lotsa apps out there purported to track sleep quality. The one I’m trying now is Sleep Cycle by Northcube.
  2. Food: probably only second to sleep in terms of importance.
    1. Try to avoid refined carbohydrates (white bread) and sugar (candy, soda, but also orange juice and that “healthy” smoothie with 60 grams of sugar in it)
    2. Eat breakfast. This is important to stabilize your blood sugar for the rest of the day. Coffee is not breakfast. I’ve had luck with lentil soup, spinach, and a couple poached eggs. It’s delicious, easy to make, and keeps me satiated for awhile.
    3. Use portion control. Any easy trick is to use the palm of your hand as a guide – don’t eat an amount bigger than the size of the palm of your hand for any given part of any meal. I.e. the ideal meal would be a palm-sized piece of protein, a palm-sized amount of vegetables, a palm-sized amount of complex carbohydrates. Another “trick” is to use a smaller plate for all meals (tip from Blue Zones).
    4. Try to eat organic, free-range, grass fed
    5. Eat more protein. I’ve found I can really eat as much protein as I want without gaining weight
    6. Avoid alcohol and drugs. Sorry but you can’t be your healthiest if you’re boozin’ and/or puffin’ away. An occasion drink might be okay – the key is to find out what works for you and be honest with yourself. Look at cause and effect. I know for me if I have even a single glass of wine in the evening I’m going to be a little less sharp the next morning. I also find the longer I go without a single drink, the sharper, more focused, and more motivated I am.
    7. Fast. I haven’t done much experimentation with fasting, but am interested in trying. Fasting ostensibly gives your digestive system a break and allows the clearing of toxins. I’d like to try one day a week possibly.
    8. Drink a lot of water. There’s really no reason to drink anything but water in my book, unless you’ve a nice bottle of wine that’s older than you 🙂
  3. Move:
    1. Exercise is good, but really just some movement is all that matters. You just don’t want to sedentary for the majority of the day. A stand-up desk and periodic walks are helpful. I like to try to live in a neighborhood where I can walk do errands (dry cleaning, library, groceries) on foot.
  4. Get Outside:
    1. They say the majority of Americans have vitamin D deficiency. At any rate, getting a little sun everyday feels good and definitely lightens my spirits. I’m fortunate enough to be able to walk to the beach – nothing better!
  5.  De-stress:
    1. Don’t let the trivial bits of life stress you out.
    2. Mediate: I’ve recently started doing this, and find the affects are astounding. I find even if I have physical pain, just 10 minutes of mediation can result in an improvement. I use Headspace on my iPhone.
    3. Avoid too much social media. We live in the information age, and there is a TON of information saturating our personal space. You must actively choose to filter/block some of it, or you will be overwhelmed. I recently quit Facebook. I try to avoid too much Instagram and Twitter. Mass media news (especially cable news) is probably as bad as McDonald’s for you.
  6. Grooming:
    1. Stay clean. I shower twice a day, which might seem excessive but I find I sleep better and feel better if I wash the day’s grime off of me before going to bed.
    2. Brush and floss. Dental hygiene has been shown to be very important for overall health, not to mention how much tooth decay sucks and how much you’ll miss your teeth when they’re gone. Treat them right! That means brush at least twice a day (morning and before bed after eating last meal), floss at least once, use mouthwash (I like Act), and go for regular cleanings/check-ups. I also got Invisalign and whiten regularly, but that is probably purely cosmetic value.

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