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The Future of Education

Clearly the education system is going through a major shift in the near future. When I was in grade school in the 80’s, there were three places you could get information: the local library, your public or private school system, and books – including your family’s version of the Encyclopedia Britannica, which was expensive and quickly outdated. Any of these sources faced the major limitation that information could not be easily cross-checked, and the newest developments were slow to tickle down to students of any age.

Welcome to the information age. Now in just moments, any fact can be checked and crossed-checked against various sources. Peer-reviewed scientific papers and immediately available to anyone with a handheld device able to connect to the internet. Posts on Facebook can be checked against Snopes.com, reputable news sources, Wikipedia, and even directly with expert communities (see e.g. Quora.com). The impact of this should not be understated. What the outcome will be probably no one can really fathom, but major paradigm shifts are on the horizon.

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