Professional Development

The Greatest Indignities Suffered by Corporate Office Workers

My countdown of the worst indignities suffered by those who work in corporate office space:

#10: Inflexible work schedule. While this is getting better, it’s amazing how many corporations still require all employees to be in the office from 8am until 5pm Monday through Friday.

#9: Putting up with people’s bad work habits. They don’t respond to email, they don’t delegate properly, they don’t get things done. This is infinitely more frustrating if the person is your boss.

#8: Sharing refrigerators and microwave ovens. It’s amazing how many adults don’t know how to clean up after themselves.

#7: Sharing bathrooms. The only thing worse than smelling your co-workers poo is hearing it.

#6: Cubicles. Yes, I spend 8+ hours a day inside a box.

#5: Fluorescent lighting/lack of natural light. In some countries, this is illegal.

#4: IT and HR. Are there any departments with worse us-vs-them mentality?

#3: Meetings without agenda or that are not properly moderated. This is by far the biggest productivity killer and time waster of any organization.

#2: Discussions/decisions that are not documented and have no follow-up. The only thing worse than a meeting without agenda is one where no decisions or action items are documented and followed-up on. We might as well just be staying home.

#1: The realization that at the end of the day, its your life that’s being squandered.

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