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8 Website Usability Tips

Derived from a quick reading of Steve Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think, these are the ideas that stuck out to me:

  1. If something requires a large investment of time – or looks like it will – it’s less likely to be used
  2. Just having the navigation appear in the same place on every page with a consistent look gives you instant confirmation that you’re still in the same site
  3. Persistent navigation should include: A way home, the Site identifier, a way to search, sections, and utilities
  4. BUT on pages where a form needs to be filled in, persistent navigation may be a distraction
  5. Just as every corner needs a street sign, every page should have a name
  6. Home page should accommodate: the site identity and mission, the site hierarchy, search, teases, timely content, deals, shortcuts, registration, where to start, establish credibility and trust
  7. The most important thing on the Home page is to convey the big picture regarding what the site is
  8. The Home page should include a great tagline. A tagline is not a motto, but conveys a value proposition

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