Personal Development

Ways to Exercise Your Idea Muscle


Here are some topics to flex your idea muscle around:

  1. Ways to earn money from home
  2. Ways to earn money without a “job”
  3. Chapters in your autobiography
  4. Countries to live in for a month with only a $3,000 budget
  5. Ways to get to work without owning a car
  6. 10-50 page e-book topics you could write and self-publish
  7. Things you could create with a 3D printer and sell for profit
  8. Topics for your blog
  9. Ways the voting system can be improved in the digital age
  10. Unique places to stay on AirBnB
  11. People who have taught you things (and what have they taught you)
  12. How the world will change with the advent of A.I. (the “singularity”)

Related idea from Seth Godin with the extra twist of attempting to make the list exhaustive here.

Method by James Altucher  (here)

  1. Read or otherwise absorb information daily from diverse sources on diverse topics. The key is diverse – you don’t want to get stuck “inside the box.”
  2. Write down ten ideas on a random topic. Altucher gives examples such as: how to make a better tennis racquet, how to surprise your lover in bed, steps to take if you’re caught shoplifting. Then write 10 more.
  3. Take care of yourself (eat right, exercise, avoid negative people/situations, etc.) to keep that idea-generating machine (your creative brain) humming
  4. Try something new! Draw, dance, learn a new language, something to get you out of your comfort zone.

+ 1 Implement

What to do with all these ideas? Find the good ones and implement them. Right now. Get them done. Fail fast, or watch them gain momentum. But don’t just let them languish in purgatory!

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