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The 7-Day Media Fast!

No FacebookWe’ve all heard of a fast – that is when you don’t eat for a certain number of days, typically for religious reasons. People sometimes choose to “fast” from alcohol, caffeine, sugar, television, or any number of other things. The purpose of this fast is to avoid media consumption for 7 days.

Media consumption will be defined for the purposes of this experiment as:

  • No social media: facebook, twitter, instagram
  • No traditional media:,, npr

These are the sources I consume media from. If you’re doing a media fast, the first step is to identify where your media comes from. Step 2? Cut it off.

  1. Facebook – I only access on my iPhone through Safari
  2. Instagram – I only access on my iPhone through the app
  3. Twitter – I only access on my iPhone through the app
  4. website – I access through web browsers at home and work
  5. NPR – I access through the radio on my way to work

If needed, you can take measures like deleting apps (make sure data is stored in the cloud) and locking down your browser, but I’m going to try shear willpower.

The experiment starts Monday Feb. 10, 2014! Check back to see how I did…

Day 1 (02/10/14) 0534 – started off badly. One of my bad habits is to play with my phone while still in bed, first thing in the morning. Of course this includes lots of frivolous and counterproductive media consumption. I failed to remind myself last night and of course by habit first thing I do this morning is check facebook, twitter, instgram, cnn, oh my. Did I see anything of real consequence? Of course not. So a rocky start, but the fast is on, and will continue for a solid 7 days. I’ll check back in here often – probably each time I get the urge to go to one of my media outlets, I’ll go here instead.

Day 1 (02/10/14) 0724 – already had my first slip-up! Ran into an issue at work, and in getting frustrated absentmindedly reached for my phone and opened instagram. Caught myself right away. This could be tough.

Day 1 (02/10/14) 0927 – dropped the ball already! Absentmindedly pulled out my phone and went to instagram while in the restroom (gross I know). It was a good 10 seconds before I even realized what I was doing!

Day 1 (02/10/14) 1416 – I had a good streak there! I was focused on work and getting a ton done. But checking my email for a quick break lead to msn (which Hotmail directs to when you log out), and I somehow let myself browse the headlines and just caught myself before clicking on one. Oh the humanity

Day 1 (02/10/14) 1602 – There have already been feelings of withdrawal. One day at a time.

Day 2 (02/11/14) 0524 – Okay better start today. I think I feel more focused already, less distracted. We’ll see how it lasts. Must be ever vigilant!

Day 2 (02/11/14) 1225 – ah instagram got me. I wasn’t even thinking fuk

Day 3 (02/12/14) 0706 – Going strong. Felt like checking fb this morning but the feeling didn’t last. The rewards in terms of focus are amazing!

Day 3 (02/12/14) 1722 – Twitter pulled me in a couple times today, but I caught it quick.

Day 4 (02/13/14) 0641 – Facebook is evil! They sent me an email saying I had a missed poke, so I’m like okay, who’s this, click on it and it’s a poke from 5 months ago! Was that email generated to get me to log back in just because I hadn’t been on in 3 days? Some other ways facebook is evil: The Problem with Facebook and Facebook Fraud.

Day 5 (02/14/14) 1725 – It’s Friday, I just want to zone out on Facebook. My resolve is weakening…

Day 6 (02/15/14) 0911 – Oh I see, the weekend is going to be the hardest. Too much free time – this is where your disciple will be tested. Distraction!

Day 7 (02/16/14) 0638 – the weekend is definitely the hardest. Too much free time to fill with media distraction. But the results of media consumption are the same regardless of the day of the week: not beneficial.

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