Professional Development

Joining the Apple Developer Program

Go to: and click the iOS Developer Program image:

iOS Developer Program

Click the Enroll Now button (note it’s $99/year for an individual or a company, but $299 for an enterprise and free for a university):

iOS Developer Program Enroll


iOS Developer Program Continue

iOS Developer Program Create an Apple ID

Let’s enroll as a company:

iOS Developer Program Enroll as Company

What the heck is D-U-N-S? Apparently it’s a widely used business identified (see e.g.

Problem here is fill out the nice little form for lookup and get this:

iOS Developer Program D-U-N-S Number Lookup Unavailable

Sooooo I tried again later (that was 12/16/2012, today is 01/07/2013) and I get this:

2013-01-07 1709 D-U-N-S Number Lookup Submission Redacted

Click submit and this:

2013-01-07 1710 D-U-N-S Number Lookup Submission

So we’ll see if D&B contacts me. Check back soon!

Ok today is 01/09/13, Wednesday, just two short days after my last update. I received an email letting me know that the business name cannot be my name, so I re-submitted using “dikuw” in both the business name and DBA name fields. The I started receiving calls from a mysterious New Jersey phone number (973-929-3290) that didn’t leave a voicemail. Finally I google’d the number and saw that it is related to D&B, so when it rang again today I answered, and a nice lady with a foreign accent verified the information I submitted with me and let me know I’d have my D-U-N-S number within 24 hours.

Well it’s less than 6 hours later and I have my D-U-N-S number!

D-U-N-S Receipt Email

So back to here:

iOS Developer Program Enroll as Company

Click Continue and I get (this doesn’t look like it’s rendering right):

2013-01-09 iOS Developer Program Company Continue

Fill in my info, click continue to a little survey:

2013-01-09 iOS Developer Program Survey

Agree to their terms (always a good idea to save a copy if you can):

2013-01-09 iOS Developer Program T&C

Then I have to verify my email address:

2013-01-09 iOS Developer Program Email Verification

And then we begin enrollment. First step, Enter Account Info (didn’t I do this already?):

2013-01-09 iOS Developer Program Enrollment Enter Account Info

I selected the second option (“Yes, I am the owner/founder and have the legal authority to sign and bind my company to Apple Developer Program legal agreements and contracts”) and didn’t have to enter information again. Clicked Continue to get to the Enter Account Info part 2 page:

2013-01-09 iOS Developer Program Enrollment Enter Account Info 2

D-U-N-S number – I have that! Even so, Apple asked me to double-check:

2013-01-09 iOS Developer Program Enrollment Enter Account Info 2 double-check

And I was denied. Shitballs, may need to wait up to 14 days?! Ok I’ll try back later.

2013-01-09 D-U-N-S Not Valid

Wednesday 01-23-2013 I’m back. Logging in:

2013-01-23 1724 Logging in

Selecting option 2 again:

2013-01-23 1732 Legal authority

Again back to here:

2013-01-23 1735 Org Info

Again with the same error! So I’m contacting support. Hopefully they can help me 😦

2013-01-23 1737 Contact Support


I received quick turn-around from Apple support so I’m trying again Thursday 01/24/2013 and run into this:

2013-01-24 Org not legal entity

So I’ll have to call D&B tomorrow:

2013-01-24 1859 D&B Contact Info


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