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Dr. Cialdini’s Guide to Influence

This is a blog post about Dr. Robert Cialdini’s book “Influence, The Psychology of Persuasion.” I’ve read it once, and this is what stuck out to me at the time. This is not a comprehensive professional review or summary and should not be used as cliff notes.

p. 3. “fixed-action patterns” are found in nature, including humans, that involve intricate sequences of behavior triggered by certain circumstances. If understood, these can be used to influence others.

p. 7 We need short-cuts. We live in “an extraordinarily complicated stimulus environment,” and we can recognize and analyze all aspects. There’s just not enough time, energy, or capacity for it.

p. 13 Contrast principle: a man who just bought a $500 suit won’t find a $95 sweater excessively expensive, because he just bought a much more expensive item

p. 17 Rule of reciprocation: you’re more likely to get a favor granted by someone you have done something for, regardless of how small your favor was

p. 37 “Another consequence of the rule, however, is an obligation to make a concession to someone who has made a concession to us.”

p. 42 The suit then sweater buyer is influenced simultaneously by reciprocity and contrast

p. 61 People are influenced by the desire to look consistent.

p. 119 People are influenced by social proof. Socially withdrawn preschool children improved remarkably after seeing a series of films in which children are enjoying social activity

p. 167 People are more easily influenced by people they like. People like others who are physically attractive (p. 171), who seem similar to them (p. 173), who like them (p.174), who contact and cooperate with them (p. 176), and who are associated with things they like (p. 188).

p. 174 Let people know you like them!

p. 208 People are influenced by authority.

p. 237 People are influenced by scarcity.

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