Dressing Yourself

Loose in my Dryer – What is this thing??

I never noticed this thing attached to the inside of my dryer until it came loose and started rolling around:

A dryer bar

I didn’t give it much though, just pulled it out and set it aside, not giving much thought to what it is or if its important to the function of drying my clothes until tonight.

So I googled:

I didn’t look too promising until I scrolled down a bit and found:

Then I knew to google “dryer bar” which led me to this entertaining blog: http://www.confessionsofapsychotichousewife.com/2009/07/review-bounce-dryer-bar.html

So now I know what a dryer bar is. I’ve always used dryer sheets. How am I gonna get the sticky tape of the inside of my dryer wall now?


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